Do We Really Grow Up?

Of the few things that I’m not fickle minded about is my belief that age is just a number. It’s a state of mind, really. No matter how old I am, I always think I’m twelve. Perhaps, not so much as being a twelve year old. It’s just the excitement you’fd feel about things around you at that age. In transition between the age of innocence and the rapidly raging hormones. Just before the start into the real world. This is the part I like most about my theory. I’m still the curious kid who’s most comfortable in my high-tops and jeans. Though I may seem to be the serious type, I’m actually not. It’s perhaps just situations in which I’d like people to think so. Not one to brag that I may be wise beyond my years, but there is always a little kid inside us all. This way we will see the bright side of things, every time. Case in point, if I see a pile of autumn leaves, I will definitely jump into it. Not destructively but I think it’s therapeutic. I find joy in a toy store and I like watching looney tunes. These are just a few things that I never hope to get rid off.

On the flip side, are those who still act like a confused teenager. Well into their mid thirties veering towards their earlier forties but still stuck in their adolescent mindsets with high school-like dramatic moments. No, I don’t feel sad for them. There has to be a reason why they are the way they are. But I’m appalled to se a thirty seven year old woman dress like a sixteen year old and act like one. They probably still even read Seventeen magazine. It’s just so embarassing to them and unfortunately, they don’t mind it. In fact, they are proud of it.

I know it shouldn’t bother me but it does, and how! to distract me, I shall let the twelve year old side of me come out and play, and go about looking for the next pile of leaves to jump into.



Chocolate, I love you.

It’s not so easy to smile when everything seems to be going in the wrong direction. At this moment, it’s down with love. All the way. Well, it doesn’t feel very good the first few days. You actually can feel some kind of pain, emotional and physical. Especially if the one person you want so much to talk to doesn’t even give you the light of day. Makes me wonder how people can just change over night. One moment you’re so happy and the very next total disaster. Oh well, I don’t really feel like talking about it anymore. My mourning period has passed and now it’s time to reach out and move on to the next best thing – chocolate.
Always there for me in time of need, chocolate has never failed me; never let me down; never said no to me. In all it’s forms, whether it’s milk or in cookies or chunks or a bar, and surprisingly even if they are heart shaped it’s always been there for me I’m my time of need. I always say when it comes to chocolate, darker the better. The more intense the more soothing and if I’m lucky, paired with coffee just makes me mmmmm.
Sorry, got distracted there for a minute. So chocolate has always been there for me but I’ve never had a chance to say thank you. So as I reach out for another piece, even as I write this, I just want to say thank you. You’ve always been there when no one else has and I must say, chocolate, I love you.


Effluence or Affluence

Effluence or Affluence, which is the bigger industrial waste?


Who knew that just one alphabet change can make so much difference, bringing on a whole new meaning all together. But really, which one is more hazardous to society? We live in a world where pretence is the name of the game. In fact, it’s come to the point where any sign of genuineness is spotted and immediately we are in a state of doubt. Doubtful about whether this is really genuine or whether we’re naive to even believe such a thing. We are a cynical society and I wonder who’s to blame for it all? It’s all the fluff and blinding sheen that has made us believe so. 


When it comes to picking out the real hazard, in my opinion, it is affluence. The industrialists whose wives are more concerned about the next ladies luncheon or their next so-called project. A Ladies Entrepreneur Exhibition should be renamed The Bored Housewives Expo. Let’s think about it. How many times have you come across these ladies who have nothing better to do than to gossip about everyone including their best friends and discuss the price of their latest handbags. In all honesty, these are the people who only know the price of things but not it’s value. Therefore, they have no worth. Their husbands are busy doing who knows what or who knows who and these bored housewives have nothing else to live for but to put up a brave front in society. And, since no one else will really give them the time of day, they obviously look to those who are mirror images of themselves. Yes, they work in groups not just pairs. The worst thing is that this same way of life gets passed on to the next generation of little girls who lunch and the vicious cycle never stops. The saving grace are the few who manage to break away from the mould and no amount of sacks of cash or Birkins can lure them back. Good for them I say.


It’s bad enough that the industrial waste causes harm to the environment and to our health. Just imagine though, that this is cause of not just the planet’s deterioration but of our mental disorientation as well. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this. The pseudo-intellectuals will continue to increase even before I complete this. This is not a waste that I even recommend anyone to re-cycle. A hazard and real waste in the true sense.

Tell Me What To Wear

Therapy. It’s our solution to everything in our lives. Right from psychological therapy to art therapy and music therapy, the list is endless and everyone’s on the look-out. In fact, every other one of us is going through at least one form of it. So much so that we’ve created a form of therapy that we believe will cure us of all our issues and rid us of our demons with the help of shiny plastic cards and wads of cash. This one in particular, we all know as the evil step sister of therapy – retail therapy. Better known as consumerism.

So how does it work exactly? Here we are in a country where the retail industry is booming and how. With the foray of big global retail giants opening stores in every corner of the country, this is only the beginning. The very pointy tip of this 

All of a sudden everyone’s preferences have moved to Venti Mochas and Grande Frappuccinos. You walk into any mall and there they are, right before your eyes wearing size 36 skinnies and hipster glasses in search of the latest international high street fashion and styles. But here’s what I’m most curious about. Do these so-called lovers of fashion and clothes really understand what they’re looking for? I think that those who follow trends don’t understand it at all. Since they don’t have their own sense of style, nor do they grasp the idea of it, they need these designer labels and high street brands to tell them what they need. In short, mainstream.

The basic idea that we need someone or, in this case, some brand to tell what we need sounds absurd from the root of the thought. If we really think about it, did we have a preference for a Venti Mocha Frappuccino before they were mass marketed to us? Maybe, maybe not. We’re in an age where we think that the purchase of a beautiful silk blouse will serve as therapy. An escape to make us feel better about ourselves, even if only for a few hours at best. 

We might come across as a society that is vain and makes a judgement based on appearances. We’re fascinated by what is on the outside, not even a tad interested in what’s on the inside. Which is why they lay all their insecurities in the very few precious moments of glory, in this case glamour to make them feel better about themselves and hope that it is indeed something that validates their very existence and acceptance into society. 

Hunger is the name of the game.

I’m not doing much these days, so the closest I get to doing anything at all these days is spending time on the internet scavenging for the some scandalous juicy gossip to keep me occupied. Most of the time I’ll share my opinion with the friend I’m staying with and we’ll relentlessly have a go at it. After all, we think that our opinion matters the most at this point in our lives.

So today, began my search on the internet today and as one link led to another, I came across an interesting yet disturbing on the BBC website.

It’s mostly about the hunger issue in America. I was quite surprised to read it. It’s definitely quite shocking to say the least. Perhaps it’s strange to see that this is happening in a country that seems to have everything going. (they’d like the rest of the world to think so). Especially, where you watch tv shows where there is a phenomenal amount of food wastage being showcased and it’s supposed to be funny. Plus, food portions are huge, fit for two and all of it goes to waste.

I don’t mean to offend anyone’s sentiments here but there are starving kids in a country where there is no shortage or supply no drought or no famine, it’s shocking to say the least. These are hunger games of a different kind and the rules are different. And, the little ones can’t even ask for seconds.

Good Morning and Good Night

I’m having trouble sleeping these days. It’s 2 a.m. and I’m wide awake. I suppose it has to do with that fact that I have absolutely nothing to do at this moment in my life and it has been like this for the last 6 months. Oddly enough, these sleepless nights have begun only in the last month or so. You know, it’s quite like at that time where your mind has so many thoughts going through it that you don’t really know where to start. The good thing is that I feel a quite inspired to do something soon after. But that’s when sleep slowly creeps up on me. 

In the morning I feel just about the same, but after a strong cuppa joe I’m all energised and raring to go places. But that lasts for barely any time. I start to feel sleepy again and I’ve only just woken up!

Image Oh well. I’m hoping things will start to turn around. In the meanwhile, it’s good morning and good night.