It’s Okay

You know what? It’s okay not to do anything. Sometimes in life you just don’t want to do anything. And that’s okay. You just don’t feel like it. If you don’t feel like then why do it? People don’t understand what someone else is going through. Honestly, they don’t have to. Most often it’s hard to understand and even more difficult to explain it. So why get all hot and bothered about it?

Sometimes you just need a break. Life always puts you at a crossroad. At some point you always reach a crossroad. Some are dangerous to crossover, some are easy, some are confusing and sometimes they’re so incomprehensible you just want to take a u-turn and go back.thibault-mokuenko-700585-unsplash

There’s so much of pressure of always having to do something. To always be busy. But what does that really mean? Is being busy always a good thing? Well if being busy is having a positive impact on you then yes, absolutely. But if being busy just turns you into a busy body then, not at all. In fact, so many people just love to tell people that they’re busy. That they don’t have the time to care. But really they have less to do than those who aren’t doing anything at all. I’m not sure which is worse. Telling people that you’re busy when really they’re at home watching Netflix. Well, bravo.

People need space and time to heal and to take care of themselves. If working so hard upto the point of distress is something you can identify with then I suppose doing nothing is much better. People can choose to do nothing, to take a break and just be. It’s the best time to perhaps find a calling, discover yourself and explore a new hobby or start a passion project. It doesn’t make you any less of a human being. People regard doing nothing as this big cardinal sin. But what of it?

Maybe people are just looking to connect with themselves to be better people. Maybe they need to disconnect with the world outside in order to achieve personal growth. Maybe they want to be strong physically. Maybe they want to educate and enlighten themselves. Maybe they want to escape into a world of imagination through books. Maybe they’re just so tired of all the white noise and psuedo-intellectuals who are just repeating things they have seen on a tv show or recycling information and passing off someone else’s opinions as their own original thought. Maybe they want to travel. Maybe they want to start cooking. Maybe they want to write a book. Maybe they want to soulsearch. Maybe they are looking for meaning. Maybe they simply want some time to themselves. Maybe they just want to breathe.

derek-thomson-406050-unsplashIt’s really like one of those ‘stop to smell the roses’ feeling. We just want to be more present and connected. There’s so much of noise around it’s so hard to shut it all out. We have lost ourselves in the mayhem and become people that so badly want to be accepted by society. We become the people that we think will make people like us. Yes, being caring and compassionate is one thing. Being nosey and inquisitive is another.

So yes, that’s why it’s okay to take a break and just do nothing. To simply be.  You have to disconnect to connect. And what’s better than connecting with yourself first?

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