The N word. No, it’s what you think it is. The word is Narcissist. It’s not just a word anymore. It’s an entire generation.

Meet Generation N. An entire generation of people who have dedicated their lives to living online. Yes, all thanks to Social Media. The ultimate alternate universe. But, before I go any further, I’d like to say something though. In a way it’s great that there are places to share thoughts and precious moments with your friends and family, and an even better way to keep in touch with the people who you haven’t met in years, decades perhaps. Alright, now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s move along.

I’d really like to believe that everything we see on social media is exactly what it is. Perhaps the number of likes on a picture fuels our addiction of knowing how great we are. It’s fantastic to know that people are learning to loves themselves more etcetra. And, why not, right? But what happens when this self-love actually turns into self-loathing courtesy the comments and everyone’s opinions.

Think about it.

How many ‘selfies’ do we take before posting one that looks the best? How many apps do we use to guarantee at least a hundred likes? We are turning into clones of people devoid of personality. Ever go through an Instagram feed and see how many pictures post of themselves? Just their face. Is it so important? Well maybe to the one to whom the picture belongs, but to the rest of the world, we just keep scrolling down. One just morphs into another and another and before we realise it, we’re not looking at ten pictures of the same person, but rather ten pictures of different people. But who can tell the difference? I can’t.

Then there are online bullies. The ones that swarm in together hiding behind each other to ‘take down’ somebody. But in reality, they can’t even hold up a finger. This virtual world has caused so much chaos that it affects ten year olds. Ten year olds! How does this even happen? When we were ten we were enjoying a childhood outdoors in the sun riding our bikes. Not taking our pictures, editing them and sharing them with the world. obviously continues well into adulthood.

People flaunt their relationships online. For whatever reason. It’s great to see that people are happy and doing well. I always support that. But when it turns out to be fake, who are you really fooling. People share some wonderful pictures and moments with theire significant others online. And of course, it’s picture perfect. In reality, it’s exactly the opposite. They do not treat their partner with respect. They do not show them the same affection that they would have showered them with online. So, what’s the point of it? They share every mundane detail of their otherwise bleak lives just to show the world that they’re living the dream.

So here’s the question. Does people’s approval and acknowledgement matter? Are these the achievements to share? Does erasing your past online, erase the person who you really are just to create the perfect illusion of who they want to be? Or perhaps, who they want the world to see them as? I wonder if there’s a point of showing people you’re this wonderful person when in reality it’s all smoke and mirrors?

It’s a lonely world when we’re so engrossed in our social media instead of making real memories and enjoying the moment. We’re dining with our friends but we’re all on our phones. Sharing these carefully documented moments with thousands of people online, in an empty room. Putting up pictures of people who you secretly despise. Creating this fake persona as though life just began last year.

We’re so engrossed with what’s going on online that we think this ht elegacy we want to leave for the next generation. If everything we do is for this image, then what’s the point. There are millions of people who look the same, dress the same and talk the same way. Do we want to get lost in an ocean of darkness?

The truth always surfaces. You can tell. From the empty smiles and dull spark in their eyes to body language. You can’t really fool anyone with the facade. You can delete all the pictures but in the end, you can never delete the person you were and the person that you are. Embrace it. Flaws and all. Because it makes us better people who really want to do good and make a difference in the world.

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