Paris Hilton on Mandela – More of a Joke Than a Fake

“people were already leaping (without looking) at the chance to use his death as an excuse to make themselves feel superior over someone totally insignificant by comparison.” This holds true every time. Amongst non-celebrities too. Especially in times of loss, people always try to show how much they care and try to express how much that person meant to them when in fact, they didn’t care when the person was still alive.


Two nights ago, I logged onto Facebook to discover a number of Facebook updates reporting the death of Nelson Mandela. I posted a few of my own.

Then, just one hour later, one of my friends posted this jpg of a Tweet supposedly made by Paris Hilton…


…in which she says, “RIP Nelson Mandela. Your “I Have A Dream” speech was so inspiring. An amazing man.”

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