Effluence or Affluence

Effluence or Affluence, which is the bigger industrial waste?


Who knew that just one alphabet change can make so much difference, bringing on a whole new meaning all together. But really, which one is more hazardous to society? We live in a world where pretence is the name of the game. In fact, it’s come to the point where any sign of genuineness is spotted and immediately we are in a state of doubt. Doubtful about whether this is really genuine or whether we’re naive to even believe such a thing. We are a cynical society and I wonder who’s to blame for it all? It’s all the fluff and blinding sheen that has made us believe so. 


When it comes to picking out the real hazard, in my opinion, it is affluence. The industrialists whose wives are more concerned about the next ladies luncheon or their next so-called project. A Ladies Entrepreneur Exhibition should be renamed The Bored Housewives Expo. Let’s think about it. How many times have you come across these ladies who have nothing better to do than to gossip about everyone including their best friends and discuss the price of their latest handbags. In all honesty, these are the people who only know the price of things but not it’s value. Therefore, they have no worth. Their husbands are busy doing who knows what or who knows who and these bored housewives have nothing else to live for but to put up a brave front in society. And, since no one else will really give them the time of day, they obviously look to those who are mirror images of themselves. Yes, they work in groups not just pairs. The worst thing is that this same way of life gets passed on to the next generation of little girls who lunch and the vicious cycle never stops. The saving grace are the few who manage to break away from the mould and no amount of sacks of cash or Birkins can lure them back. Good for them I say.


It’s bad enough that the industrial waste causes harm to the environment and to our health. Just imagine though, that this is cause of not just the planet’s deterioration but of our mental disorientation as well. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this. The pseudo-intellectuals will continue to increase even before I complete this. This is not a waste that I even recommend anyone to re-cycle. A hazard and real waste in the true sense.

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