Tell Me What To Wear

Therapy. It’s our solution to everything in our lives. Right from psychological therapy to art therapy and music therapy, the list is endless and everyone’s on the look-out. In fact, every other one of us is going through at least one form of it. So much so that we’ve created a form of therapy that we believe will cure us of all our issues and rid us of our demons with the help of shiny plastic cards and wads of cash. This one in particular, we all know as the evil step sister of therapy – retail therapy. Better known as consumerism.

So how does it work exactly? Here we are in a country where the retail industry is booming and how. With the foray of big global retail giants opening stores in every corner of the country, this is only the beginning. The very pointy tip of this 

All of a sudden everyone’s preferences have moved to Venti Mochas and Grande Frappuccinos. You walk into any mall and there they are, right before your eyes wearing size 36 skinnies and hipster glasses in search of the latest international high street fashion and styles. But here’s what I’m most curious about. Do these so-called lovers of fashion and clothes really understand what they’re looking for? I think that those who follow trends don’t understand it at all. Since they don’t have their own sense of style, nor do they grasp the idea of it, they need these designer labels and high street brands to tell them what they need. In short, mainstream.

The basic idea that we need someone or, in this case, some brand to tell what we need sounds absurd from the root of the thought. If we really think about it, did we have a preference for a Venti Mocha Frappuccino before they were mass marketed to us? Maybe, maybe not. We’re in an age where we think that the purchase of a beautiful silk blouse will serve as therapy. An escape to make us feel better about ourselves, even if only for a few hours at best. 

We might come across as a society that is vain and makes a judgement based on appearances. We’re fascinated by what is on the outside, not even a tad interested in what’s on the inside. Which is why they lay all their insecurities in the very few precious moments of glory, in this case glamour to make them feel better about themselves and hope that it is indeed something that validates their very existence and acceptance into society. 

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