Hunger is the name of the game.

I’m not doing much these days, so the closest I get to doing anything at all these days is spending time on the internet scavenging for the some scandalous juicy gossip to keep me occupied. Most of the time I’ll share my opinion with the friend I’m staying with and we’ll relentlessly have a go at it. After all, we think that our opinion matters the most at this point in our lives.

So today, began my search on the internet today and as one link led to another, I came across an interesting yet disturbing on the BBC website.

It’s mostly about the hunger issue in America. I was quite surprised to read it. It’s definitely quite shocking to say the least. Perhaps it’s strange to see that this is happening in a country that seems to have everything going. (they’d like the rest of the world to think so). Especially, where you watch tv shows where there is a phenomenal amount of food wastage being showcased and it’s supposed to be funny. Plus, food portions are huge, fit for two and all of it goes to waste.

I don’t mean to offend anyone’s sentiments here but there are starving kids in a country where there is no shortage or supply no drought or no famine, it’s shocking to say the least. These are hunger games of a different kind and the rules are different. And, the little ones can’t even ask for seconds.

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