The Writer’s Block

So, I was on a roll yesterday. I published two entries on this blog. Perhaps it was the after-effects of the caffeine, or something.

But, today, I’m actually at a loss for words. I am indeed suffering from a mild case of writer’s block. As a writer, I know that it comes and goes. Most times I hate it. Other times, it gives me a chance to do things other than write. Like read or simply watch some trash TV (which I secretly love). And it also gives me time to think about other random  stuff like can you get writer’s block while about writer’s block?

The idle mind leads you to one thought and then to another. And as in my earlier post, I had mentioned, leads to a never-ending chain. You just can’t shut it down. Just like it it when browsing through the pages here. I’m still working out the kinks on this. It may take sometime because I’m more often than describe myself to be a tech-spaz.  Yes, I must say I have never really downloaded anything in my life – from torrents or whatever it is that is i called. Its’ almost always an automatic menu feature for me. This is why it will take a while before I know my through here like the back of my hand.

Though I’d like to write a bit more about myself, I shan’t for the time being. There is perhaps so much to write about me or perhaps there is no one who really wants to know. Guess we won’t know for a little while. But I can tell you this, I definitely will because I sure would like to know more about you (whoever is reading this).


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