A Bag Full of Goodies

I’m back to dishing out the latest in the city I live in, Pune.

In a world that is flooded with brands, from designer to high street brands, we seemed to have forgotten about individual style. Yes, if you’re drenched in everything designer, from your bag to your stockings, I’m going to wonder if this is some kind of sad way of advertising or a plead to the world to get noticed. Or perhaps the obvious, poor taste.

I’m all for standing out in a crowd which is perhaps why I love things that are unique and different. The shopping experience for me is all about the joys of exploring and discovering. And I have made a discovery.

Tucked away along the Baner Road, is a quaint and charming store that goes by the name “Angsang”.  The first thing that drew me to it was the purple and black sign board. As you can see, I absolutely love that combination. It’s the same as my phone. 

So back to the store. As you enter, there’s something different about. You soon notice that it is a store that sells only handbags and footwear. There’s an impressive collection of handbags on display. From totes to wallets to clutch purses to mobile phone covers, it’s all there. And when it comes to the footwear, you can choose from ballerinas to pumps to sandals and even flip-flops. As you browse around, you’ll be amazed because every item for sale is unique. The beauty of a small store is that there’s always only one piece for every design. Makes you feel special. While some designs and styles might not appeal to me, it most certainly will for others because there is something for everyone.

I was really impressed with the handbag selection and I am the proud owner of three unique pieces already. 

And what’s the cherry on this delicious shopping treat? For those who live in the west of the city, don’t have to travel far and wide for handbags and footwear anymore.  And trust me, they’re all reasonably priced!

My curiosity led me to the store. I hadn’t planned to buy anything but I left with a bag full of goodies which I can’t wait to use and show off.  I felt good as I walked out of the store. Then I noticed a stand with a couple of fancy umbrellas. I was tempted to buy one. But I stopped myself.  I turned to the owner and smiled. He knew I’ll be back. Soon.

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